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Creating objects out of clay is an art that was born centuries ago. It was the creative genius of man
who took from the earth and gave life to utilitarian objects imbuing them with beauty. Today, more then ever, it is important to rediscover our instinct to make things with our own two hands. In so doing, we return to our origins, to the days when man lived in harmony with nature.

A piece of jewelry’s value should not only be measured in the stone’s size or the weight of gold it
contains. When it is handmade, born of its creator’s unique design it can transmit intense emotion to the one who wears it. Ceramics, fused with silver or gold leaf or other materials, can become a precious piece of jewelry, be it a
necklace, ring, earrings or the like. Combining these materials can turn clay into something precious, giving a feeling of wonder to those who see it. It becomes a jewel mined from the earth and made from the heart.

TERRE RARE’S philosophy can be found in its name: RARE EARTH. We believe in making
special and unique, those things we use in our daily lives. Vases, lamps, plates and bowls become
sculptures. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. These items refuse to be trivialized and so they
are dressed in unexpected colors and they take on new shape and form.

Our names are Margherita and Manuela and we have finally realized our life-long dream
to open a ceramics laboratory here in Monteverde Vecchio. And so we begin an adventure in which
we can give light to the creativity in us all. We now can share our knowledge and enthusiasm with
anyone who wants to approach the world of ceramics. In these pages you can see some of the work
we both have created. You can also see many of the pieces our students have made. We hope you are inspired to try ceramics with us. Whether you are new to this medium or someone who has worked with clay before, the world of ceramics will open your mind to the beauty and pleasure of creating.

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