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At the end TERRE-RARE!
After two years of hards work we succeeded to open our laboratory: as we imagined it, we realized it, with a great open space in which an expositive zone, connected with a working area, could take place. The shop is pleasant and comfortable, with two great display windows on the road that offer an immediate vision on the open-space where people work, people create, people discuss not only adopting an artistic point of view. The furnishings have been purposely plan from designers and realized after a careful study about recycling woods and by the use of "poor" materials. Tables, doors have been realized using old materials carefully renovated. Exhibitions have been already accomodated in Terre Rare shop; here artists can rent their space and therefore expose their jobs.
In the working area there are eight desks completely equipped where students can use materials in order to realize their ideas. Products are subsequently cookeed in the oven which could be also rented.
The expositive area also offers the possibility to find gifts in a range of colors and shapes
that can be chosen and realized directed on request by the customers.

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